Monday, November 25, 2013

Vee's Placemats

Vee emailed these photos a week or so ago and any finish is worth celebrating.  

Vee has finished her placemats and posted them off to their lucky owner.  

Vee has not been sewing long as one of her first projects she decided to make these quite difficult placemats for a friend or may be a relative, I'm not sure now.

The main thing is she had finished them.  Well done Vee!  Lovely colours.

The placemats were done in a diamond shape.

One UFO crossed off

Work Shop Weekend

What a great weekend. Our workshop with Julie Latcham was very creative and a lot of fun.  Julie is from Cow Paddocks Patchwork. See the blog before for links and more details.

We had 17 ladies over the weekend for the workshop ...It was a good number. Lots of laughs and it was just fun to spend the day with a group of like minded ladies doing something we all enjoy. .... patchwork.

Thanks to Gail Clark for organising the weekend. Thanks to Vee for making salad and to anyone who cooked or prepared food for us to share. The florentine slice was so scrumptious...mmmm .

Thanks to Julie for travelling and RADF for the funding.

Almost everyone got their quilt centre sorted. There we so many different appliqué designs.  It always astounds me how one pattern or design can change so much through colour or a little creative licence. Hope to see Jan, Peg and Robyn back next year.

On Saturday night we all got together for our Christmas party at The Victoria Hotel. 

Julie at work demonstrating her techniques

Jenny's children's Christmas quilt

Gail T's trendy fashion quilt with some appliquéd shoes from Anni Downs'"Some kind of Wonderful"

Jo W's red heart quilt

top L I think this is Robyn's then Nancy's and bottom L  Vee's and Heathers (I think, let me know if i am wrong girls and I will amend the caption.

some quilt centres

Merilyn's Quilt

I think is is  Di S'  

Margie's I think

 Merilyn, Robyn, Heather, jenny ,Jo,Di,Robyn, Gail, Margie C, Margie S, Nancy and Julie.

A great result for the day. All quilts are hoped to be finished byJanuary's meeting. Merry Christmas to all . There is no December meeting. 

Please  ladies if I have messed up who's is who please let me know and I will amend the captions.