Saturday, December 22, 2012


I hope you all enjoy a happy Christmas with your family and friends.  Relax and try to find some time for yourself... may be a little stitching  ???

Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Party and Show and Tell

Hello Everyone 

The blog has been a bit quiet lately too many things to do and people to look after.

Christmas is almost upon us. A time for sharing  and meeting together and remembering how lucky we are that we have the opportunity to patch and quilt and chat with friends from all walks of life. 

I am hoping that all of our members past and present can join us at the Victoria Hotel Goondiwindi on the 28th November  for  our Christmas party and our show and tell. Bring a friend if you like. 
We need some new members. I think it is a 6.30 start but check that with Gail. Everyone pays for their own meal and drinks.

The recycled challenge and our embroidery challenge will be on show so could all members bring them along.  In fact if anyone has a little something special they have made or found bring it along also.

Remember that beautiful little pincushion that Chris bought along to our pin cushion day ...what a treasure.

When I began my quilting journey I never expected to become so captivated by the craft .  I also never expected to make such lovely friends. So bring someone along and get them hooked. 

See you there!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Meeting

Due to some technical difficulties Macintyre Quilters will be next weekend 28th October instead of the 21st.   There is a wedding at the hall the evening before so it will be a 10.00 am start.

You will Need- 

* Need 4 fat quarters to make centre plus more depending on border you choose.

Coming Up- 

 Christmas Dinner is 28th November(Wed) at Victoria Hotel  6.30pm. I will need numbers by 25th to let them know – friends etc welcome – just order your own dinner.

* Bring you recycled and embroidery creations for all to see. Have seen a couple and they are great. (I will see about display and let know at oct meeting) think that is all –

Hope to see you at our next meeting.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Iron cover

Hi ladies

These are the requirements for the next meeting.

These are requirements 
50cm fabric, 
50cm heat resistant  Wadding,
50cm heat resis fabric  
30cm bind. 
2 large buttons 

You can use an ironing board  cover if it is heat resistant 

Gail  says  Punch with Judy in NSW has it – Anthony’s at Dalby has heat resis wadding.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pin Cushion PLay

What a great day, sitting around the same table trying to construct pin cushions. A little english paper piecing and some hearts.


Jenny's- using embroidery challenge
Di and Tamara ,grandmother and granddaughter - what a great way to share a Sunday!

Busy Bee Chris

Gail Steaming on ahead - Happy Birthday Gail!!

Small group today - hand sewing !

The collection

Busy Bee Glenda

Rose went with Roses for hers. 
The finished lot

made more beautiful by Anettes's Camelia

Flowers - Nature's precious gifts to us!

This little antique belongs to Chris's grandma in law .. I think that's right. Inside the little bag is a tape and thimble.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Coathangers for Coats

At our last meeting Chris kindly taught everyone hoe to sew these very cute practical coat hangers. Lots of colours and lots of sizes.


A great selection 





Sunday the 19th August  is our next meeting.  Pin Cushion Day . Make 2! Bring how ever many you have!
See the last post for what you need.  See you there Bring a friend !

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Meeting 2012

Annette shares her yummy slice recipe 
30 Jatz biscuits
1 cup caster sugar
1 pkt pecan nuts     (1 cup approx)
3 egg whites

Beat egg whites and gradually add sugar until stiff peaks are formed.
Crush jats biscuits and nuts
Fold in biscuits and nuts into the egg whites.
Place into a greased slice tray
Bake for 20 mins in a moderate oven. 
Top with whipped cream and a crumbled  flake chocolate


Meeting Dates for Remainder of 2012
 22nd July 2012 – Coat hangers with Chris
19th August 2012  -  Pin Cushion Day  -   Jenny
We ask you all to bring your pincushion collection. I am sure you all have more than one, if not bring your one and only or your favourite or your most unusual or all of them………

You will get to make 2 pin cushions

    1.    Heart from a fat quarter and a metre of cord

     2.  English paper piecing pyramid pin cushion from 2 contrasting fat eighths , button, tassel or trinket is optional for decoration

Bring the requirements for each pin cushion your basic sewing supplies and some toy filler for 2 pin cushions.   You may complete these quite quickly so you may want to bring some UFO’s

23nd September  2012 -   Iron bag      Gail C

21st October  2012  - Fat quarter quilt - Karen  Dunmill and Gail Clarke

 4 fat quarters and 4 contrasting fabrics - recycled object due
Recycled Project Due 

25th November 2012 -   Open Day 9.00am to 1.00pm -  ALL
The idea is to show off and promote McIntyre Quilters. We will hang some quilts , and some of us will be sewing as a demonstration.
Please bring a plate of something that can be put with a cuppa.

We will have a raffle at the door. So could you all please make a small hand made item to place in the raffle basket.

There will be no entry fee.
A cuppa will be available for a gold coin.

This is to be followed by our Christmas Party  from  1.00 – 4.00 approx  -  no presents please. Please bring a plate of food to share for lunch..
The small hand made object for the raffle is in place of a gift.

Mystery Embroidery Challenge is Due

4 fat quarters quilt- Karen Dunmill
Gail C's teddy quilt

Close up of Teddy quilt by Gail C 

Jo W's Heart Pin cushion for August 

Top marks to Chris for the neatest sewing kit

Jo B is working on a secret challenge .....

Newest member Vee tries out her new machine ....

Jo  W was working on a Bronwyn Squires wall hanging.

Mix it up with Gail C's flower appliqué

I just had to be in it as well ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Next Meeting June 24th

So........Sorry.............  apparently I have made a blue with the last post. 

In  our April Newsletter Christine  was down to do coat hangers in July and we were to finish our Stars in June. Sorry for any inconvenience.  Hope to see you all there Sunday. Bring show and tell from Stacey's retreat.

Monday, June 4, 2012

24th June Meeting "Coat Hangers"

At our next meeting we are making these lovely coat hangers Christine Spink is going to teach this lesson.  She has asked me to post this for you all to see. 

Large Coat Hanger 

     1  x  Wooden coat hanger
     1  x  Fat Quarter or 20cms fabric
     Iron pelon wadding
     Extra wadding to wrap around coat hanger
     60 cms  x  1 inch bias binding to match fabric
     Ribbon for bow and plastic tubing to cover the hook.

     If  you want to embroider or applique, you can pick up a paper 
     template from Marg at Cottage Treasures.

See you there bring and bring a friend if you know someone who loves to patchwork and sew.

How extreme are you ????

Weekend at Stacey's

18 ladies spent the weekend sewing and chatting in the beautiful surrounds of Stacey's at the Gap.  This beautiful retreat is nestled at the top of Cunningham's Gap, you could hear the bell birds, see the kangaroos and feel the chill of the mountain top, especially Sunday morning. Leonie and Mal looked after us all weekend.  Leonie presented us with some beautiful food while Mal stoked the fire and kept the coffee hot.   Mal even carried our things to and from the car.  We were really well looked after. So many projects were finished PHD's UFO's and WHISP's.  There was a range of beautiful quilts and stitcheries. We have set a date for the same time next year. Places are limited and many ladies have booked again  there are 5 or 6 places left so get in early with your deposit if you would like to go in 2013.

Joe's beautiful stitching

Add caption
Penny and Carol having a late dinner

Ros planning

Kath working hard on quilts for special people

Maxine sewing

Julieanne sewing lots of strips

Gail and Margie - Which piece will I use?

Joe gives good advice.

Nancy and Helen Laughed lots making iPhone pouches.

More beautiful stitching from Gail

Wishes it will be ready for Christmas!

Ros - lovely colours!

Gail and Maureen taking a break.

Joe's stitchery soon to be a book cover.

Helen- Oh really? So much to catch up on.

Gail  T just loves creating beautiful things.
Mor of Gail T's handwork

All at the table, Kath what's that you are eating?

It pays to look down sometimes- you might see something unusual and beautiful.

At the top

The cabins

The main hall

In the garden

Everybody busy

Sheena's Quilt .. Not sure this will work- she changed her mind with the tiger stripes.

Maxine's quilt went together faster than it took to decide on what fabrics to use. Looks lovely.

Jenny's quilt just need to be finished with a border.

Maureen's ( friend of Carol and Penny ) quilt full of colour- so impressive.

Margie just loves these bears

So cute

So nice to be finished.

Jenny's Safari quilt

Carol used her hand dyed fabrics in this unusual yet striking design.

Just to remind you how cold it was.....

Icy Brrr.......

Just warming my toes after taking the pics of the cars!

Gail C  produced a wise one!

What a hoot!

Angels for Gail C's Mum lovely job!

Yep .. all looks pretty good Gail!

All a patchworker needs!


Di with her double wedding ring _ Big task! Lovely Colours

Jenny's book cover

Gails T's Qillow 

Just beautiful by Ros!

Jenny's baby quilt

Julienne finishes her quilt as you go...the boys love soccer!

The double wedding quilt is growing.

                                       Hope you enjoy the photos.