Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend at Stacey's

18 ladies spent the weekend sewing and chatting in the beautiful surrounds of Stacey's at the Gap.  This beautiful retreat is nestled at the top of Cunningham's Gap, you could hear the bell birds, see the kangaroos and feel the chill of the mountain top, especially Sunday morning. Leonie and Mal looked after us all weekend.  Leonie presented us with some beautiful food while Mal stoked the fire and kept the coffee hot.   Mal even carried our things to and from the car.  We were really well looked after. So many projects were finished PHD's UFO's and WHISP's.  There was a range of beautiful quilts and stitcheries. We have set a date for the same time next year. Places are limited and many ladies have booked again  there are 5 or 6 places left so get in early with your deposit if you would like to go in 2013.

Joe's beautiful stitching

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Penny and Carol having a late dinner

Ros planning

Kath working hard on quilts for special people

Maxine sewing

Julieanne sewing lots of strips

Gail and Margie - Which piece will I use?

Joe gives good advice.

Nancy and Helen Laughed lots making iPhone pouches.

More beautiful stitching from Gail

Wishes it will be ready for Christmas!

Ros - lovely colours!

Gail and Maureen taking a break.

Joe's stitchery soon to be a book cover.

Helen- Oh really? So much to catch up on.

Gail  T just loves creating beautiful things.
Mor of Gail T's handwork

All at the table, Kath what's that you are eating?

It pays to look down sometimes- you might see something unusual and beautiful.

At the top

The cabins

The main hall

In the garden

Everybody busy

Sheena's Quilt .. Not sure this will work- she changed her mind with the tiger stripes.

Maxine's quilt went together faster than it took to decide on what fabrics to use. Looks lovely.

Jenny's quilt just need to be finished with a border.

Maureen's ( friend of Carol and Penny ) quilt full of colour- so impressive.

Margie just loves these bears

So cute

So nice to be finished.

Jenny's Safari quilt

Carol used her hand dyed fabrics in this unusual yet striking design.

Just to remind you how cold it was.....

Icy Brrr.......

Just warming my toes after taking the pics of the cars!

Gail C  produced a wise one!

What a hoot!

Angels for Gail C's Mum lovely job!

Yep .. all looks pretty good Gail!

All a patchworker needs!


Di with her double wedding ring _ Big task! Lovely Colours

Jenny's book cover

Gails T's Qillow 

Just beautiful by Ros!

Jenny's baby quilt

Julienne finishes her quilt as you go...the boys love soccer!

The double wedding quilt is growing.

                                       Hope you enjoy the photos.

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