Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Meeting

Sunday was a UFO or WISP or whatever day. A day when we all work to finishing things we have already started.  Wouldn't that be nice if we all had finished everything we had in our cupboards.

Gail and Di bought along their recycled articles as at the last post we didn't have photos of them all. 

Our next meeting is 17th March 2013. Come along and sew something  nice......

 Gail  C recycled some old sheets and crocheted some floor mats, may be place mats...very cool. 

A close up of  Di's beautiful scrappy quilt ... Di has used all of her left over bits.    
This quilt was actually quite heavy and would be very warm. 

 Di has pulled apart a very old and tattered  doona and used it as wadding what a good recycle tip...

Another of Di's scrappy quilts.  Amazing what bits make isn't it .

This is another one of Gail C's  she has used some old fabric napkins and sewn them with some cream homespun to make a pretty neat quilted tablecloth.

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