Friday, January 31, 2014

January Meeting

January's meeting saw us have the best roll up for a long time. Chris even bought her granddaughter who is making a beautiful colourful batik quilt. She did very well for a novice quilter.

Passing on the skills . Dawnie  and Gail watching over.

A confident young stitcher.

The progress. Well done young one.

A  Quilt Story

Sometimes our quilts finish up in very special places.  Gail Clark's son,  Aaron asked his mum, (the president of our group) if she would make a quilt for his  friend... So she did.... little did Gail know Arron's friend wanted to give the quilt to the outgoing Governor General, Mrs Quentin Bryce as a parting gift.

The Presentation

Aaron with his friend and the Governor General's husband.

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